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Star Wars

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SpecForces Campaign Page

"In half an hour I can put together a strike team of twenty soldiers, capable of succeeding at any mission, under any circumstances, anywhere in the galaxy."
-General Crix Madine.

In this page I'm showing  information concerning a SWRPG campaign I am currently gamemastering.  It is pretty cool, since this is a change from the usual type of hero seen in the series.  Now, instead of playing a roguish smuggler, a dashing gambler or a Jedi Knight, you play a character who is more into the military.  In certain ways, I consider it a more realistic type of campaign.  Enough talk, let's continue.

The campaign goes around SpecForce Team 21, an independent SpecForce squad.  The campaign is taking place a couple of weeks after the defeat at Hoth.  Their current headquarters is aboard the Nebulon-B Frigate "Amazon", which is part of the 7th Fleet, a small Rebel fleet which is currently heading towards the Outer Colonies. They are an experienced group, and all have come from different units from all over the galaxy.

There have been plenty of changes in my SWRPG campaign.  Some of my players have decided to change characters for several reasons, and I have accepted:

4 SpecForce Infiltrators
1 official SpecForces Infiltrator
1 former Coruscant Guard turned SpecForces Infiltrator
2 former StormCommandoes
1 SpecForces SpaceOps trooper
1 SpecForce Pathfinder
1 SpecForce Pilot/Driver/Comm (NPC)
1 SpecForce Technician
1 SpecForce Procurement Specialist
1 SpecForce Interrogator
1 Naval Security/Liaison Officer

I have allowed each of the players to have two characters.  Since the missions will vary, the characters will have the chance to select who do they wish to bring with them.

Follow the hyperlinks below to learn more of my SWRPG Rebel SpecForces Campaign.

Characters and NPC's
Campaign Adventures

I hope you enjoy playing SWRPG as much as I do and I also hope some of this material can be of some purpose to your campaign also.