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Star Wars

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SpecForce Campaign Adventures

This page has a number of adventure ideas which can be used for your SWRPG SpecForces campaign. They are not complete adventures, thus no maps, NPCs or anything else is included.

A planet is under Imperial control. They are suffering under the iron rule of an imperial governor and his/her forces. The people of the planet have had enough and they want the Empire out of their world and want to help the Rebel Alliance. Yet, their military might is not enough. So they go the Rebels for help. This storyline can be extended into a whole campaign, although I made into five long adventures for my gaming group.

Mission One: Reconnaisance. The Empire has a large scale facility, whether military, scientific or goverment. This facility holds the brunt of the Imperial troops in the planet. The players are to be air-dropped a long distance from the objective. Any equipment can be brought, although no vehicles of any sort. If the party needs a vehicle, they can commandeer, hijack or steal it from the enemy.

Add some Imperial patrols, such as Scouts and/or Imperial Army personnel. They can avoid or engage them, although if they fight, the enemy will warn the main complex of Rebel presence if any enemy escapes. Also, encounters with nature are a good idea, be it weather problems, geography or wild animals.

The area around the main complex is patrolled constantly