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Operation Mirror Image: A RIFTS/Robotech Crossover

Operation Mirror Image.

Resources Allocated to the Mission.

This reference supersedes any previously printed handout, manual or report concerning the REF's mission directives on Operation Mirror Image. Due to the electronic nature of this manual, the information herein contained will be updated throughout the course of the mission.

Even with all the missions taking place around the Local Group and elsewhere, the REF High Command, in conjuntion with the Sentinels Alliance and other collaborators, such as the E.B.S.I.S., has granted Operation: Mirror Image a great deal of resources in order to carry on this mission. This section will explain some of the details surrounding the logistical efforts for this mission.

  1. Manpower
  2. Mecha
  3. Space-faring vessels
  4. Equipment

With the end of the conflicts against the Invid, many of us humans thought we could finally settle down and relax, remembering the great tests and ordeals of the past. Many of us did. But many new factors have come into play. But none is too great than the fact that we face a new threat. And this threat, unlike others, is new to us. And it is not a single faction, nation or race, but a myriad of enemies from unknown places. It came time again for the former freedom fighter to revive his survival instincts. It came time again for the former Veritech pilot to sit again in his Alpha and become the space-jock he once was. And it is time for new blood to be brought into the ranks of the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

And with the change of time, there came the change of things. These last conflicts has allowed us to rethink our doctrines in many aspects of the military. The training in many of our old branches has changed and many new branches have been incorporated into the military. Some of the changes are as follows:

  1. For RDF and Sentinels War REF Veritech Pilots, they have to spend an approximate 20 weeks attending the REF Veritech Aviation School (REF VERAV School), located in Tyrol. The training consists of a refresher's course in both aircraft and Veritech fighter piloting, rules of engagement, unit tactics, combined arms warfare and vehicle maintenance. Also, with the new Zentraedi presence, part of the training includes the study of Zentraedi combat tactics and their forms of warfare. This part of the course is taught by veteran Zentraedi aces and top guns from both the first Robotech War and the Sentinels War. It is also required for the officer to report to REF VERAV for two weeks each year after the initial course for additional training.

    In gaming terms, the character will receive the following skills:

    • Mecha Combat: One Veritech of Choice
    • Strategy and Tactics (Air Combat) (+15%)
    • Strategy and Tactics (Veritech Tactics) (+15%)
    • Lore: Zentraedi (Military History and Tactics) (+10%)

  • For REF Cyclone Riders, they are to report the REF Cyclone Rider Special Operations Command in

    1. The REF Veritech Pilot Aviation School, the REF Destroid/Battloid Corps, the REF Cyclone Rider Special Operations Command and the REF Corps of Engineers Command has made some changes to the training of their respectives branches. Prior servicemen from these branches may request a 5-week "Refresher's Course". (G.M. Note: Player may select two skills related to the O.C.C. Cyclone Riders may change to Hand to Hand: Commando if player has Hand to Hand: Martial Arts and spends one of the two skills here given. Change all previous bonuses.)
    2. Since the majority of the Zentraedi have been returned to original size, the new Zentraedi Corps has been established. Unlike during the Sentinels War, in which all micronized Zentraedi were allowed only one branch and used two models of Battlepods, the new REF Zentraedi Corps provides the Zentraedi with three different branches, similar to the ones during their time with the Robotech Masters. These are Battlepod Pilot, Fighter Pod Pilot and Military Specialist. Zentraedi born during and after the Sentinels War can opt, when joining the REF, have the choice of joining any of the branches, including the REF Zentraedi Corps, although this might require transformation to giant size, if necesary.