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Operation Mirror Image: A RIFTS/Robotech Crossover

Operation Mirror Image.

Renegade Zentraedi Battlepods and Power Armor

After the First Robotech War, a number of scholars knowledgeable in Zentraedi lore began speculating about their evolutionary path and how did they end up working as the police force of the Robotech Masters. Since only a very small number of Zentraedi advisors were available, Exedore among them, the history of the giant's was, at best, blurry. It wasn't until the arrival of the SDF-3 and the exploration of the planet Fantoma that the Zentraedi began to discover and learn more about their past. The rediscovery of Zarkopolis, the ruins of an old Zentraedi capital, awoke many old mental images in many of the old Zentraedi, being Lord Breetai the first one to experience them.

When the Sentinels War began, thinking that Zentraedi still loyal to the Robotech Masters was almost absurd, even to the level that many thought that the only Zentraedi existent were the ones in Fantoma or with the REF. But only a small number of people knew that possibility. Among them were Gen. Rick Hunter, Adm. Lisa Hunter-Hayes, Gen. Maximilian Sterling (Ret.), Com. Miriya Sterling (Ret.) and the Zentraedi. The first three were prisioners of the Zentraedi during the First Robotech War, while Com. Sterling and the rest served under Supreme Commander Dolza and have an idea of the real size of the former grand fleet. It is estimated that about 800,000 Zentraedi ships remain on the loose in the rest of the galaxy.

The largest known group of these renegade Zentraedi is believed to belong to a former REF Zentraedi officer, who went AWOL, along with key personnel and equipment. Commander Zuma, currently known as Warlord Zuma, is believed to be the leader of a very powerful and dangerous group of Zentraedi, known as the Crimsom Masks. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but he has made his presence known. It is believed that he retrofitted old battlepods and/or built new ones. REF Intelligence has obtained information of many of the new battlepods and power armors they possess, but it is believed that they may have other designs.

Regular Battlepod, Mk 2 (a.k.a. Regult Combat Pod)

Regult Combat Pod, Mk 2