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Operation Mirror Image: A RIFTS/Robotech Crossover

Operation Mirror Image.

Raidar X MK-XII

Stationary Raidar X MK-XII.

The Raidar X became the next destroid which redesigned. Micronization and modularity became two very important terms in the REF Armed Forces since the Sentinels War. With micronization, vital technologies would take less space and become more efficient. With modularity, a number of destroids could interchange parts without any glitches.

With these two terms in mind, the REF Destroid Combat Systems Laboratory got to work on redesigning the Raidar X. The main component in the Raidar X has always been the superb radar system. This was definitely not left out of the new Raidar X, but it was changed. The original disc-shaped was discarded and, now, the upper body of the destroid is now a new, improved long-range tracking system. The system is integrated onto the skin of the destroid. To be specific, the parts that cover the chest missile launchers. That way, it provides omnidirectional search and tracking capabilities. Should that system be damaged, a secondary system, located on the "head" of the destroid, provides similar, although greatly limited, radar systems.

After becoming a regular in the assembly line, two new variants came out as well. The first provides anti-ship capabilities, by changing the arm lasers with the new modular PBC arms. This gives the Raidar X MK-XII an extra punch against large vessels. Another variant, Configuration B, arms the Raidar X with powerful projectile weapons. This variant is used in areas where using energy weapons is not possible.

* When the body's M.D.C. is diminished by 50%, lower the range of the radar by 100 miles. The radar will stop working when the body's M.D.C. when 50 M.D.C. remain.



  1. Twin MM-15 Short Range Missile Launcher located in the chest of the destroid
  2. Dual Twin-Barrel Lasers Cannons
  3. Dual Particle Beam Cannons (Optional). Laser cannons can be substituted for ship to ship combat. PBCs inflict more damage and, when mounted on a Raidar X, provide a powerful, mobile weapons platform.
  4. Dual Air-Cooled Autocannons (Optional). In worlds where conditions do not allow the use of energy weapons, the standard weapon arms of the Raidar X can be substituted with these autocannons.
  5. Dual Air-Cooled Scatter Guns (Optional). The latest mech-scaled weapon, it is basically a destroid shotgun. The weapon's damage dimishes considerably with range, but it can be quite destructive at close range.
  6. Hand to Hand Combat
  1. Advanced radar and sensory equipment integrated to the destroid's skin:
  2. On-board computer system capable of identifing all known vehicles known to the Sentinels and REF. This includes mechs, ships and other vehicles from the Terrans, Zentraedi, Invid or any other Sentinel race.
  3. Long-range laser communication system. Range: 1000 miles. Can have an indefinite range when linked to a satellite communication system.
  4. Spotlights located in each arm. Range 500 ft.
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