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Operation Mirror Image: A RIFTS/Robotech Crossover

Operation Mirror Image.

Excaliber MK-VIII

Excaliber MK-VIII on patrol.

The Excaliber MK-VIII became the first third-generation destroid to come out of the assembley line. The biggest difference from its predecessors is its power source. After the defeat of the Regis on Earth, protoculture simply stopped functioning. The first destroids of this line to come out had their nuclear reactor designed from schematics that were used by the Armies of the Southern Cross during the Second Robotech War.

Even with all the advances in Robotechnology, the engineers at the REF Destroid Combat Systems Laboratory at Tyrol decided to honor the original Excaliber, the MK-VII, which is still in service in some reserve units, by making the design of the MK-VIII's design similar, including removing the hands and adding the lamp and the missile rack on the shoulders. Most of its weaponry is designed for medium to long-range combat. Its main weapons are a pair of particle beam cannons located where the hands are supposed to be. This is the same as the first Excaliber, but the barrels of the cannons are smaller.

The engineers, many veterans from the Sentinels War, took into consideration the concept of hybridization into mind. This allows for alternate weapon configurations. For example, the particle beam cannon(s) can be switched with either old weapon arms, such as lasers, or new weapon designs, such as the autocannons or Scatter Guns.

  1. Particle Beam Cannon in each arm. These have been the main weapon of the Excaliber since it was first constructed. PBCs inflict more damage and, provide a powerful, mobile weapons platform. The excaliber is the only destroid capable of firing both PBCs at a single target.
  2. An Air-Cooled Autocannon can substitute one of the weapon arms in the Excaliber, since the PBCs are limited by amount of times it can be fired in a round of combat. Although ammo limitations constrain its use, the weapon packs a powerful punch.
  3. Air-Cooled Scatter Gun (Optional). The latest mech-scaled weapon, it is basically a destroid shotgun. The weapon's damage dimishes considerably with range, but it can be quite destructive at close range.
  4. Shoulder Mounted MRM Launcher Like the first generation Excaliber, this new version carries a shoulder mounted MRM launcher, providing additional firepower, as well as smart weaponry. High-explosive and armor piercing are the norm.
  5. Leg Mounted SRM Launchers in each leg. These provide an additional punch in close combat. They also are a suprise element: the launchers are retractable. High-explosive is the norm, although for mech-to-mech combat, armor piercing is used and for battles with infantry, fragmentation are used.
  6. Dual Twin-Barrel Lasers Cannons
  7. Hand to Hand Combat
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