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Operation Mirror Image: A RIFTS/Robotech Crossover

Operation Mirror Image.

Avenger MK-I

Avenger MK-I at a testing run

The Avenger is one of the two new mechs coming out of the REF Destroid Combat Systems Laboratory (the other being the Spartan 2 MK-I). Initally a "concept mech", it only existed in paper and computer. The idea behind it was placing a Omnidirectional Energy Barrier (a.k.a. shield) in a mech, but it was thought that without Protoculture to release a huge amount of power, there was no way that it could work.

But the funding was alloted to build a prototype for general R&D. One initial misconception behind it was that the space allocation was miscalculated. After building the prototype to specifications, it was found that there was enough space to actually place a second reactor inside the destroid. The R&D had found an advantage and quickly used it. Initial tests resulted in quick overheating of the second reactor due to slow heat dissipation. The problem was resolved with the installation of a Coolant Circulation System, installed in the lower abdomen/pelvis area.

This not only solved initial heat problems, but it even allows the destroid to perform a very deadly maneuver that other mechs, except Veritechs and other flight-capable mechs, cannot even risk: an unprotected orbital drop. In conjuction with jump jets installed in the legs of the destroid to slow the fall, the mech can drop stealthily onto enemy territory, execute a mission and move to a preestablished pick-up waypoint.

The destroid was produced in mass just recently, and a small number of company- and battalion-sized units are completely composed of these mechs. Due to the great similarity to the line of Excaliber destroids, Excaliber pilots like to call Avenger pilots "copycats"; Avenger pilots, most of the time, call the "ol'timers" jealous, because their Avengers are "newer and cooler".

  • Shoulder-Mounted MRM Rack - 75
  • Legs (2) - 200 each
  • Jumpjets (4)- 20 each
  • Leg-Mounted SRM Racks (2) - 50
  • Energy Weapon Forearm - 150
  • Projectile Weapon Forearm - 150
  • Arms (2) - 100
  • Head - 75
  • Main Body - 300
  • Reinforced Pilot's Compartment - 250
  • Omnidirectional Energy Barrier - 150*

* The barrier regenerates at a rate of 20 M.D.C. per melee round. Should the main body be lowered to 50% of its M.D.C., there's a 20% per melee round that the shield will not regenerate damage that round. When the body is down to 20% of its M.D.C., that percentage increases to 75% and there's a 30% chance of shield collapse.

  • Speed:
    • Running: 90 mph (144 kmph) maximum; cruising speed about 45 mph (72 kmph).
    • Leaping: 80 ft (24.4 m) lengthwise or 40 ft (12.2 m) high/up. Jet-assisted leap reaches 350 ft (116.6 m) lengthwise or 200 ft (66 m) high/up.
    • Climbing: Impossible
  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Length:
  • Weight:
  • Cargo:
  1. Particle Beam Cannon. The primary weapon of the Avenger. PBCs inflict more damage and, provide a powerful, mobile weapons platform.
  2. Air-Cooled Autocannon. Since the PBC cannot be used constantly, the autocannon is an excellent option. Although ammo limitations constrain its use, the weapon packs a powerful punch.
  3. Air-Cooled Scatter Gun (Optional). The latest mech-scaled weapon, it is basically a destroid shotgun. The weapon's damage dimishes considerably with range, but it can be quite destructive at close range.
  4. Shoulder Mounted MRM Launcher Providing the Avenger with a number of long-ranged weapons, a shoulder mounted medium-range missile launcher has been added. High-explosive and armor piercing are the norm.
  5. Leg Mounted SRM Launchers in each leg. These provide an additional punch in close combat. They also are a suprise element: the launchers are retractable. High-explosive is the norm, although for mech-to-mech combat, armor piercing is used and for battles with infantry, fragmentation are used.
  6. Hand to Hand Combat
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