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REF/EBSIS Destroid Exchange Program and EBSIS Mecha Pilot

The EBSIS has maintained itself isolated throughout the previous Robotech wars. Their worst defeat came at the hands of the Invid. The country went into a worse condition than before. But then the wars ended. All of the world was in shambles, including the EBSIS. Many of the survivors gathered around the closest thing to a metropolis that remained standing, Stalingrad (Volograd in russian). Many of the restored buildings came from wreckages of various ships, mostly Zentraedi and the REF attack groups.

A rather large communitiy already existed in Astrachan, aproximately 240 miles from Stalingrad, which was a mecha construction facility, concentrating mostly on Recon Destroyers (See Robotech RPG Book Four: Southern Cross). Leaders from both communities came together and decided to make a partnership. Since Stalingrad had the materials and manpower and Astrachen had the facilities, both cities exchanged goods and began rebuilding mechas to sell them to mercenaries and rebuilding their army. Then, on 2052, both cities decided to revive the spirit of the former Soviet Union and united to create the state of New Stalingrad. People began to pour in and New Stalingrad began to grow. By 2060, New Stalingrad became a full-fledged country (aprox. 2.5 million inhabitants. Mricronized Zentraedi and Robotech Maters' clones among them)and petitioned its acceptance into the new United Earth Goverment.

As a gesture of goodwill, New Stalingrad sent 20 of their newly developed mechs and plans for a miniaturized fusion reactor.