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Kermit's College Photos

This section of the photo album has photos of my college days. I used to work for a computer lab at my school's chemistry department. One day, my boss got his hands on a digital camera, a Mavica, and when he lent it to us, all hell broke loose!!!!! Luckily, I have saved those photos from many computer formattings. And, at last, I have found some use to them. Here they are with a little history of who's in the photo and what's it about.

Group Head Shot This is a head shot of some of the members of my crew. From left to right: Rafael, Jose, Tony, myself and another Rafael. For easier recognition, they are known as Rafita, Buzo, Tony, Kermit and Felo. Rafita is a mechanical engineer, Buzo and Tony are in some business mayor and still studying as far as I can remember and Felo finished his B.S. in Industrial Engineering or, as its known, Imageniering or a five-year secretarial training, depending on which story you hear.

Another Group shot Another group shot. From left to right we have Tony, Buzo, Felo, Eric and Rafita. Eric used to be an english student and now he lives in Hollywood, California, studying movie sound editing and something else. He's at the L.A. Film School, were great ones such as Steven Spielberg had his beginnings. I gotta suck up to him or else I'll have to stay in a hotel when I visit him. LOL. The fellow in the background was our boss. He's a really cool guy. Almost got divorced because of staying late at work playing network games with his previous employees. LOL. Good thing he's still a married man... I hope.

Yet another group shot!!!! I have to include this last group shot to include this gentleman. The guy in the mullet (kinda looks like a mullet) is Jonathan, a.k.a. "El Capu" or "Capu" for short. Dont ask me what does it stand for because I do not know. But it stuck to him and that's what it shall remain until the end of time... :-|

This is the only pretty shot in this website. No, not the dwarf on the right. It's the chickie on the left. Her name is Maria. She's a model and a business software developer. What more can a guy like ask for. Oooh. I've had the hots for her since I met her. I can go all day saying. Unfortunately, all she mostly wants is money... Last thing I heard about her is that she's dating some store manager... I guess for her, engineers dont make enough money. Still, its kinda sad that she sees guys like ATM machines. :_-(

These are shots of the old computer lab (left) and new computer lab (right). The only differences are one level up, triple the size of the work area and throw in some nice 400 MHz computers.