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Sidebar Menu Hi, there. My name is Kermit Santos. I am 25 years old and live in Arlington, VA. I work for the Diplomatic Security Service at the Department of State. This website is all about me and what I like. My line of work, my friends and family, my city, my trips... A lot of stuff is in here, most of it pictures.

What do I do for a living? I'm not a college student anymore, that's for sure. I work for the goverment after 9 months of intense training. That's a lot of training. But thanks to it, I can do a lot of cool s***. Because of my line of work as a Security Engineer and because I work for the State Department, I do a lot of travel. It's intense, but I can make a pretty penny out of it. I have already done some work-related travel to Casablanca, Morocco; Madrid, Spain; and Algiers, Algeria, where I almost spent my last Christmas... >:-(

A number of people have visited the site because of my fondness with Role Playing games. While I still like them and would like to play them more often, I rather, for the moment, do some things first, such as going out more and seeing more of the world. But do not worry. The material is still there, although outdated since things change as times flies by.

I will add another section soon and it has to do with my obsession with online computer games. I enjoy the game known as Half Life and most of its variants. I will make a publication on this topic, but not for the moment since I have to build up the rest of the site.

Oh, by the way, check out the cool effects the sidebar has. You like? I know I do. This site will be heavy on graphics and Javascript, which allows for magic tricks like those. Also, an ICQ Message Center will be added as well as access to my counter information so you can see how popular my site is.... NOT... yet.

E-mail??? Here. Contact me at Don't send me Spam, such as chain letters and jokes and other crap like that because I will retaliate. I hate it when my e-mail accounts are full of crap I don't want. They're full of crap anyway, but its crap which I am interested in. Also, use the ICQ Message Center below to instantly message me and check my ICQ status.