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How can I do one of those little drop down menus?


Here is a simple HTML navigation button that uses a FORM and the onClick routine.

If you happen to make a selection and wander off, just hit your browser's Back button to return here!

source code

To install: Simply cut and paste this code into your form where you want the menu box to appear, and set up the options to suit your needs.

The value for the options is the page you want to go to, and the entry such as index.shtml is the description of the page. You can also make the button say whatever you want.

<form name="navform" method="POST">
  <select name="inchoice" size=1>
    <option value="/navig.shtml"> Navigation Tricks</option>
    <option value="/index.shtml"> Home Page</option>
    <option value="/cgi.shtml"> CGI-BIN</option>
    <option value="/guestbook"> Guestbook</option>
<input type=button 
  onClick= "location = ''
  + document.navform.inchoice.options[ 
    document.navform.inchoice.selectedIndex ].value;" 
  value="Take Me There!">

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